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  • Profile

    Telecommunication Engineer with strong developing abilities, experience in Intelligent Network (Telefonica, Lucent), networking (SDH, IP, Diameter) and troubleshooting (unix and networking).

    Hardworking, resourceful, very creative, take care of details looking to start a career in software systems design.

  • Professional Career

    • Intelligent Network Integration & Testing Engineer for Telefonica's Altamira Platform (nominated subcontractor) Altamira Icon

      Dates:May 2008 - Aug 2010
      Altamira introduction: Altamira is the Telefonica's online charging system that 14 South American countries are using in their mobile networks. In 2010, O2 UK started charging with it, and also were working with O2 Germany.
      • Altamira’s Diameter interface certification: SandVine DPI and Huawei GGSN Diameter certification in Colombia (Bogota preproduction lab).
      • Test Automation: develop a tag language for test automation.
      • Usual lab administration and functional testing tasks: prepare labs, install services, document protocols and interactions, analyse tests.
      • Improve quality on testing: introducing new working methodologies, improving test documentation and creating short manuals for quick service and protocols introduction.
      • Developed a Bash/AWK Script Automation tag language: since HP Test Director tool do not offers a scripting for tests implementation.
        • Easy to create new automated tests: based on predefined elements, and inherited contexts (platform→service→test suite→test) and using excel as user interface. Just add new line, you have a new automatic test, change the values and ready to shoot.
        • Easy to change lab environment: just code new lab profile, pack the whole system and move it to final destination.
        • Able to use different messages generators: real terminals for certification, simulators, MGTS.
        • Powerful log treatment: collect all logs of the different processes involved in the call from all machines of the lab, extract call statistics from these files (usually, a large number), in several stages, so, several levels of details available (call summary, call stadistics).
      Skills Adquired:
      • Strong scripting abilities: I wrote a complete system in bash, dealing with concurrency issues, inter-process communication and interaction with several machines. I think I can automate almost anything in a very clean way.
      • Analytic and Troubleshooting skills: all the time I have to locate in which part of the conversation something were wrong, which means, understanding roles of different components and interactions in order to find who was not doing what it should.
    • Intelligent Network Lab Manager in Bell Labs Lucent

      Dates:May 2001 - Jan 2002
      Project Introduction: Bell Labs Intelligent Network product is probably the most mature and prestigious online charging system in the world, since the first Intelligent Network in AT&T times.
      • Hardware and software maintenance of Intelligent Network Unit lab machines:
        • Scheduling access to each machines: each tester need specific configuration of the lab during certain time slots.
        • Hardware mantainance: replace cards, hard drives and properly reconfigure the system.
        • Installing updates: each new release should be installed.
        • Back Ups on DLTs: using SAM HP-UX tool.
        • Establish SS7 links: through network consoles or/and using space-time matrix for timeslots connections.
      • Successful redesign of the lab: move all machines to a new place, so, design AC/DC power distribution, cooling system, configured machines and simple monitorization system (basically, terminal server that give access to all machines from a single computer).
      • Web Page for Lab Resources Management: Access database for controlling machines schedule, access, HW requirements, etc.
      Skills Adquired:
      • Organized working way: everything properly documented; procedures to follow for each task, components required for the lab, etc.
      • Unix skills: HP-UX and solaris machines. This was my first touch with unix systems on big servers (HP-9000 N4000, Sun Netras, Lucent SCP, etc.). I had a mentor that teaches me everything from the very beginning.
      • Troubleshooting skills: finding and fixing errors, most of the time just replace HW components or check connections.
    • SDH Network Support Engineer in Dominion Tecnologias Dominion

      Dates:March 2007 - May 2008
      Company introduction: Dominion Tecnologías represents ECI Telecom and RAD Data Communications in Spain, two network equipment manufacturers from Israel. They sell networking solutions, provide the equipments and give Tier 1 and 2 support.
      • Tier 2 SDH Network Support: using ECI element and network managers (EMS and NMS).
      • IP Network support: add new gateways to the eolic parks network or if something were wrong in the static routing tables.
      • Restore call center links: issues with IPMux between South America and Spain.
      • SDH Network synchronism design: two new clocks were inserted in SDH Network, I had to study best places to locate them by drawing a clock propagation diagram.
    • Unix Administration in Royal Spanish Mint FNMT

      Dates:Jan 2002 - Sep 2002
      Company Description: The Royal Spanish Mint is a digital certification institution. All modern spanish ID cards has a chip containing digital signatures and RSA keys in order to make safe transactions in the internet, those signatures are emitted by this institution. Also, tax payments can be done through those security services.
      • Keep security services working: in order to meet that goal I wrote some bash and awk scripts. It was pretty bored, so I quit soon.
    • Web designer in Art Media Company ArtMedia

      Dates:Jan 2001 - March 2001
      • JSP based Web pages design.
  • Studies

    Master Thesis in Stuttgart University
    Title: System Overview and Radio Network Planning with IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX). Uni-Stuttgart
    Dates: Sept. 2006 - April 2007
    Upper Telecommunication Engineering in Madrid Polytechnique University
    Specialization: Networking and Communication Services ETSIT
    Dates: Sept. 2003 - Nowdays
    Diploma Thesis in Madrid Polytechnique University - Honor Mention
    Title: Wavelet Packets-Based Transform Coding Using Vector Quantization.
    Dates: September 1999 - December 2000
    Technical Telecommunication Engineering in Madrid Polytechnique University.
    Specialization: Radar and other Radio Systems
    Dates: September 1996 - September 1999
  • Skills

    • Object Oriented Languages: Java.
    • Structured Oriented Languages: C.
    • Scripting: bash, awk, Matlab.
    • HW Design: Microcontroller coding, RF/Microwave circuits with Libra, Operational Amplifier based circuits with PSpice.
    • Operating Systems: Linux (Ubuntu, SuSE, RH), Solaris, HP-UX, MAC-OS, Windows.
    • Networking: GSM/GPRS/UMTS, WiMAX, SDH, ISDN and all protocols involved.
    • Creativity and innovation.
    • Take care on details.
    • Hardworking, I enjoy playing with different technologies.
    • Good writting skills: straight to the point, using graphical language for better understanding.
    • Strong self-motivation if I can imagine the final result of the creative process.
  • Languages

    • Master Thesis written and presented in English (2006-2007).
    • One Year in Dublin (1992-1993).
    Just starting with.
    Mother tongue.
  • Other

    Career Orientation
    Software modelling and development. I would like to continue studying software techniques in a very practical way.
    Other particulars
    • Continue my studies abroad.
    • Willing to travel.
    • No driving license.
    • Hobbies: swimming, philosophy and history, classical music, writing, reading.